ginochio go get it

che cosa ho dentro il mio ginocchio? ghino  che cosa ho dentro questo occhio che cosa ho? get it go get  che cosa che cosa? pinochio go to school. ho  ginocchio che odio che odio, dentro occhio (we need to sit in a contradictive undulating straight line, in order for all the negativities to flow […]

as we all know

synchronicities; connections; soul mates?  family, friends, dreams, realizations! books, pictures, food, expansion, contraction,breath, amazement, o sole mio! words are power. thanku mario for bringing to me back a book i introduced him too way back when my amazing friend courtnay laine introduced me to… and the list goes on… the ripple effect uv reaching out […]

song for the andes

i invite u to ask for what u need did nt she teach to say please pause lisa lisa lisa  is leavin   leavin                  for        london ur so startled  startled like a cat who runnin out lives its the last time  time  time dont u run from me black cat u walk past me u put […]

it wAS written

luv hides in the dark corners where the creeping crawling spiders that weep hiding and praying at the bedside near ur feet try to take the piss out uv me its time to clean the webs the webs the webs u hide and pray and piss on treees like a dog in heat howls at the moon  english […]

sum one luvs

new territories, old beginings taking time to    s               win              g taking time to     s                  in taking time to       s                l   […]

the italians are laughing

the italians are laughing speaking with their hands as the green and red flag waves upon their heads they roll their big wet spongy red warm baci juice filled tongues big fat wet creamy dolce intoxicating tongues like the inside uv a napolitan babba filled with rum tongues touching the tips uv their coffee stained bread […]

pumpkin pit

life: i want to talk to u — and whisper into ur name,– how i long to hear ur voice, ur growling bearded laughter, ur mustard seed eyes bouncing back and forth the worlds uv dragons the twitching tickle at the side uv ur whiskered lips – the kick in ur eyes staring at me […]

our secrets— on crete island, greece.

we are afraid to move forward in relation ships becausewe are scared we might unravel the mystery that keeps us apart and wanting the funny thing is— when one lives for their soul- we dont even get to the rim uv what lies deep deep down within no one can ever get so close  that […]

in a while

i am the creative wisdom that acts: swallowing time and money makes me happy, i am a princess uv the night, and uv the day i sole i sole sole feet alone and naked i breathe the world in, and i trust that i am going in deeper we sat sharing sinnamon buns nutella and […]