a pope in the kitchen

will the dark chocolate help me forget the smell uv ur breathe the night the pope shook hands with the eggs in the nest- took the bread and broke natures bed- the cats wont come back, they abandoned what couldnt rest and the boys in long hall ways learning arithmetic and money making disinfectant hands […]

stark steps steep lips

says the tramp to her john gold studded teeth swirling ghosts that live between u and a song sorry, i sneezed.  excuse me,  but i am breathe. \?/ a blessed living  poo lease- not here for long long, but here for e ternity. turn over/  turn over now i am backed baked on both sides […]

sun distance children run in and out uv houses

life-luving does not judge point the finger – plead, blame, regret, ridicule, belittle worry reduce the quality uv infinite possibilites that arise when human equal woman man hands create bread in the morning waking  under the risen sun- i invite only belief to be life- luving- life laughing olive oiled greased hands pouncing on the […]


making luv to u sweet sorry st. sweet red cherry blossom i did not know u had so many tail ends so many frills attached to the black and white buisness suit u wear at night so many polka dotted dresses wrapped in the striped ironed curtains so many red bloody red sheets u poured […]