see u on the other side: new perspectives on why we desire

everything your heart desires is inside of u.  she desires it because she recognizes it as part of herself…. realize that your deepest desires are a way for your soul to show u  your highest self and where to put your attention.  do not listen to people with small hearts; they may think they know […]

a shift in perspective: (without political correctness)

allow ourselves to be shifted by other cultures.  what one culture adores, another may totally despise.  we often see how beauty has been transformed thru the ages, alongside what is beautiful in one culture may be deemed ugly in another.  so should we hold so tightly to our perspective? a big large woman in many […]

remember who you are

by forgetting who your not.  when you remember who you are, there is a moment of silent stillness, an opening a feeling of onessness with yourself and the the world. you remember u are what u are seeking. there is inside of u everything. there is no lack. there is only now and now bringing […]

metaphysics 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000 infinito bambino hey ur writing me rite off the page! haha!

lesson 1 theme: be one with all good and bad and we become whole and rounded like mother earth! CIAO EVERYONE and welcome to Dr. Lisa luv teaching Metaphysics 1 trillion infinito bambino sul mondo! …where the unknown can become known! where to begin?  Sonia Miller’s generous gift to me:  My 3 month intensive on Metaphysics! […]

we are angels

the wings we carry, the freedom in our bodies, comes from the poised elegance, the fragile and ecstatic powerful instrument called: our IMAGINATION! when we get together, when we give eachother space to breathe, to be, without thoughts, without judgements, but we allow the unknown to become known, we give the most special gift, the […]

crisis is birth

giving birth to our next level of being… we have to be gentle withourselves we have to be LUVING. we cant be critical or harsh. we have to be LUCID. letting go of attack, and embracing LEARNING. learning to be a giver of what is flowing through ur veins. this requires also learning to let […]

spiral kundalini awakening

well earth to lisa! hello! the pieces of this mosaic are coming together to shine divine light on what i am going through right now! ….MY KUNDALINI AWAKENING! CONGRATULATIONS TO ME!!!!!! how did i not put the pieces together? well there needed to be a few days to understand… how in the same day, i […]

luv is on!

my life is bursting open like flowers and with so many gracefull possibilities i feel soo alive and i am grateful. and as i grow there are so many things surfacing that i have to throw away.  in the past few days, i have really been tested as parts of the shadow ego self just […]


i am so happy i followed my gut this weekend and went last second to verigo,north italy to visit my dear friend and feldenkrais colleague julia and her wonderful husband marco for her association Artalide’s inauguration of their gorgeous dance, movement  art studio! ha!  i feel fortunate and honored to have shared this amazing celebration […]

investire nella vostra immaginazione selvaggia e ascoltare il vostro corpo!

Questo blog è dedicato a rellagarvi a ARRIVARE VERSO COSA VI LUV ! PREMMERE INIZIO: se senti  bloccato, chiuso, preoccupato ecc (ecco la grande parola moderna brutto) depresso: vi consiglio di rimuovere il De e dire iniziare PRESS!!! (PREMME!!!) COMUNICATO CHE MAI che non importa: uva, olive, i pesi, le immagini su carta, voce sul […]