slipping into a thousand thankyous!

i am so grateful. why? it seems quite contrary.  life is doing a 360 however. i am in a return to an awareness that (hit) me years back in a MVA/ this time i fell off my bike and burst into tears.  like a child, i let it all go out instead of like an […]

see u on the other side: new perspectives on why we desire

everything your heart desires is inside of u.  she desires it because she recognizes it as part of herself…. realize that your deepest desires are a way for your soul to show u  your highest self and where to put your attention.  do not listen to people with small hearts; they may think they know […]

a shift in perspective: (without political correctness)

allow ourselves to be shifted by other cultures.  what one culture adores, another may totally despise.  we often see how beauty has been transformed thru the ages, alongside what is beautiful in one culture may be deemed ugly in another.  so should we hold so tightly to our perspective? a big large woman in many […]

remember who you are

by forgetting who your not.  when you remember who you are, there is a moment of silent stillness, an opening a feeling of onessness with yourself and the the world. you remember u are what u are seeking. there is inside of u everything. there is no lack. there is only now and now bringing […]


HEY EVERYBODY! excuse the absent posts… i think i needed to give a sense of emptiness in this last week to find new ground to construct. i just got back from my feldenkrais private session and the healing of my mind and body comes naturally through as my mind gets taken back into the natural […]

Berklee College of Music…HERE I AM!

HI and welcome to my dream come tru!  an audition in Rome Dec. 16th to enter one of the most amazing music schools in the world.  going to this school will be like entering full-time into a chapel of musical luv:  will they take me?  full ride scholorship? people from all over the world audition […]