Jungian Psychology, Fairy Tales and Dreams: Women who Run with the Wolves

“Women Who Run with the Wolves” by Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Phd.: Myths and Stories about the Wild Woman Archetype: i am working through this book that is such a relevant mirror to the psyche of the female inside women and men.  it is a guide for the wild soul who creates by her own rules […]

Volunteering for Slow Food!

Ciao bellisima vita in harmony with nature is what this organization puts together on each plate, each smile, each communal effort to feed and nourish all who have the honor of one of their events.  I am recently on board as a volunteer because i luv their philosophy and care for food.  i also had […]

creative writing workshop with firenza guidi

in the most beautufl setting, with my good friend matteo,  i spent a full sunday, from 10 am to midnight in a creative writing workshop led by firenze guida and then was hosted at home by an amazing  fashion designer marianna rosati, who has sold clothes to my muse and beloved elisa.  could it get […]

luv thy neighbor as thy self

an old testament in the bible… perhaps a cliche… but digging into the very bones of this commandment has me smiling more than ever. meet my neighbors: they are a beautiful, creative, soulfull couple from pakistan with a miracle child.  reefa was not supposed to have any children with her health condition.  this however contrary […]

metaphysics 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000 infinito bambino hey ur writing me rite off the page! haha!

lesson 1 theme: be one with all good and bad and we become whole and rounded like mother earth! CIAO EVERYONE and welcome to Dr. Lisa luv teaching Metaphysics 1 trillion infinito bambino sul mondo! …where the unknown can become known! where to begin?  Sonia Miller’s generous gift to me:  My 3 month intensive on Metaphysics! […]

we are angels

the wings we carry, the freedom in our bodies, comes from the poised elegance, the fragile and ecstatic powerful instrument called: our IMAGINATION! when we get together, when we give eachother space to breathe, to be, without thoughts, without judgements, but we allow the unknown to become known, we give the most special gift, the […]

my first enlightened sponsor: thankyou!

OMG! I AM so thrilled to annouce completing another of my life list goals!  so many wonderful openings are happening;  i am graced with higher conciousness of kundalini awakening and now: i have just been sponsored by smilewithyourheart.com who is this? well this is an amazing athlete, healer, life-coach, like myself believer of infinite possibilities,and […]