Apri la gola, senti la terra

Mia Mappa Mentale: il vostro DNA. chiama coraggio. coraggio di dare, di ricevere.  il coraggio di sentire la terra, la terra sotto i nostri piedi, anche quando i machine ruggito vicino, rimano connesso. oggi nella mia lezione di canto, sono diventato consapevole del timore che chiude inavvertitamente il passaggio in gola, al fine di proteggerci. infatti, fa il contrario. chiusura della gola rende poi il lavoro più duro per l’aringe, non  più vibranti di risonanza dolce ma fare la laringe diventano due mani dando pugni per ottenere la voce  di uscire fuori. meglio lasciare che la gola rimangono aperti – in tutta la paura e l’ansia – restano aperti. la vostra presenza, quando la paura blocca le nostre connessioni naturali-è la nostra […]


i move in the shadows uv where u are i hear th whispers uv ur tomorw u make my hands look small and thin the hand uv time is our sin where u are ur alive in where where u are ur alive innnnn my hands ur in my hands in my hands in your […]

swimin so free

oh my meaty man i am hungry, and u are fine oh my meaty mind i just wana breathe let me out. oh my meaty man his fingers are crawling down to feel ur sausage and my hands are on the pan where with my heart we will put u in my oven right right […]

as we all know

synchronicities; connections; soul mates?  family, friends, dreams, realizations! books, pictures, food, expansion, contraction,breath, amazement, o sole mio! words are power. thanku mario for bringing to me back a book i introduced him too way back when my amazing friend courtnay laine introduced me to… and the list goes on… the ripple effect uv reaching out […]

posh squirel

i look at her small and squalor hungry eyes like squirrel looking from side to side for something hard, she just wants to crack me open, take my nuts, how i can i help her shes full uv poison apples rotten she doesnt throw out she keeps em frozen, like  animal locked up in the […]

pearls we’ve sewn

we hide our  past  behind a smile:  be kind be kind we rest in the gaze uv clouds and romance : haze haze that floats u up high then drops so low and drowns ur smile like cigarette smoke the ocean water taking the power u need  tide  not the tow so we let out […]

moon money

ive missed the beat, the best, bills were falling on our heads, we stuffed our pockets and puffed our hair ran wild thru empty streets to be naked again not a nickel to spend and only pockets full uv bank notes written on moon lit walks falling like silvercoins thru slot machines spiiiiinnnnnnnning electric red […]

a light man’s drunk mask

hustlin and bustling burning rags and wiping drunk face i wanna take u over over over to my room damn im glad to touch u touch u but im took too drunk to feel u. the whiskys got to be real hard cause the truth is the feeling is hard this soft sultry feeling is […]

be the woman u want to be

life is about borrowing : like a library: u walk in, look around, find a PICTURE, a STORY, that speaks to U, and BORROW IT, so that it goes into ur HOME and CHANGES the way u THINK FOREVER, each line is a LIFE SENTANCE. over and over, flipping pages and KEEPING WHAT WE LUV, […]

lady luv

lady let me thru ur door let me lick u all night on the floor i hear u know a lot more about where i come from and why im sore lady let me talk to u let me fall in luv with u keep me warm with ur mind ur the storm i try […]