Journal Prompt for Week 2: “Your Roots: Reconnecting with Your Core”

The theme of the 2nd week and our 2nd Chapter is: “Your Roots: Reconnecting with Your Core.” When we talk about our roots or our core, we actually talk about self-discovery. This is one of my favorite subjects because it’s strongly connected to how we grow and flourish personally and professionally. After all, like Anais Nin […]

week one: holy mother fur

Liminal Spaces by Patti Digh What spaces are you standing between? Now, and then? Here, and there? Whole, and broken? Now imagine those spaces as trapeze bars: what would it take to throw your heart over the bars and let your body follow, as one veteran trapeze performer has advised? I love liminal spaces, those […]

slipping into a thousand thankyous!

i am so grateful. why? it seems quite contrary.  life is doing a 360 however. i am in a return to an awareness that (hit) me years back in a MVA/ this time i fell off my bike and burst into tears.  like a child, i let it all go out instead of like an […]

metaphysics 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000 infinito bambino hey ur writing me rite off the page! haha!

lesson 1 theme: be one with all good and bad and we become whole and rounded like mother earth! CIAO EVERYONE and welcome to Dr. Lisa luv teaching Metaphysics 1 trillion infinito bambino sul mondo! …where the unknown can become known! where to begin?  Sonia Miller’s generous gift to me:  My 3 month intensive on Metaphysics! […]

crisis is birth

giving birth to our next level of being… we have to be gentle withourselves we have to be LUVING. we cant be critical or harsh. we have to be LUCID. letting go of attack, and embracing LEARNING. learning to be a giver of what is flowing through ur veins. this requires also learning to let […]

spiral kundalini awakening

well earth to lisa! hello! the pieces of this mosaic are coming together to shine divine light on what i am going through right now! ….MY KUNDALINI AWAKENING! CONGRATULATIONS TO ME!!!!!! how did i not put the pieces together? well there needed to be a few days to understand… how in the same day, i […]

child is wild, hiding, holy and hilarious!

on my first day of teaching, i am presented with a child who is terrified of leaving his mother to join my class.  the fear is real for him.  he is screaming i dont want to leave “mamm”.  his entire body is tensed up, his hands are in tight fists and his eyes look like […]


Thrilling Surprises… Key word: Believe At one point, the most “challenging” child in my class (isnt this great) becomes the superstar.  he guides our year end show. All i had to do was tune into the song he was  singing under his breath. i asked him what he was singing. his  favorite singer:  michael jackson […]

Trekking in Tuscany: the L wand er

My Mind Map: Does it get any better than this? the key phrase of this adventure bubbles under my skin like volcanic larvic action waiting to burst over and take everyone with it?  to be heated to a higher temperature where all our bodies crystallize into precious diamonds. when i sweat on this trekk, its […]