as we all know

synchronicities; connections; soul mates?  family, friends, dreams, realizations! books, pictures, food, expansion, contraction,breath, amazement, o sole mio! words are power. thanku mario for bringing to me back a book i introduced him too way back when my amazing friend courtnay laine introduced me to… and the list goes on… the ripple effect uv reaching out […]

luv u so much

what the irk have i been up to?  writing, living, leaving, luving, throwing out creating new space… yes writings on the wall to finally have a horizon that is colored by….. sounds sounds sounds, and that is how i am growing uppppp with MUSIC .    ok the words the writings the revealings, unravelling the swamps uv […]

mama madness

Words can hardly speak the things i bury down so deep that only when the ground splits open because sum life luving life, restrained subdued controlled eventually angry life luving life, budges open- slams down, breaks free sum screaming please push me thru push me thru the door thing- let me in, let me out, let […]