Work With Lisa Petrucci World Tour


Destiny and the conspiring universe has answered my prayers to fulfill and realize my dream to be an international singer-songwriter! I have a brilliant Italian producer Marzio Benelli who is deliciously arranging the songs I have composed! My first album to smack the world with its super-sensual-sweet melodic matrimony of goddess and originality is coming soooooon! I am fired up about LIVING MY DREAM guided from my deeper purpose and soul’s desire to make the BIGGEST impact on the world with my gift, with my luv, with my music and WORLD TOUR!

With your LUV, contribute and collaborate in this destiny, in our celebration of life flourishing on the planet, by inspiring infinite others to realize their creative gifts!

I am welcoming labels, tours, festivals, interviews, collaborations and best offers mutually supporting and realizing my WORLD LUV creative project!

If your creatively expansive and socially-conscious and richly business minded and think you are the right fit to work with my team:

Contact Me:



Email: ,

Cell: (604) 401-6142

Facebook :



Fans and artists! Please share this with your family, friends, luvers and pets! Thanks for jumping on my luv  Team!

-Divine inspiration to billions


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