A SPECIAL Opportunity

Ciao Beautiful,

It’s been a while since I’ve sent out a blog post and want to catch you up on my musical journey and a SPECIAL OPPORTUNITY!

I am so excited that our circle here on LPMusic is vibrating massive care, love and high energy vibrations all resulting in happy faces and going places our souls are intended to soar to. For all of you who attended the Live Streaming, YOU ROCK! Who missed it, there is a video coming soon…

Since the last blog, I am getting booked to do Voiceovers for international commercials, sing in a concert at San Miniato Cathedral on the top of the hill overlooking Florence which will be aired on American t.v., collaborating with an Opera singer, re-arranging my single “To Meet You” and ABOVE ALL celebrating  my connection to the CREATIVE POWER of the universe is what generates all of my opportunities, experiences and blessings!

I would like to know what’s new with you? What are you desiring to have unfold in you life and how can I help you?

I am offering a special opportunity. I would like to invite you, if you feel called, to work one on one with me through private coaching to learn how to connect to the greatest power within you- and ultimately create your reality. I am offering 5 spots to work privately with me for 4 half- hour Private Coaching Sessions.

This is for you if:

1) You like my style of creating synergistic relationships and exciting manifestations.

2) You want to have a breakthrough and learn my creative and spiritual practise to receive and live your highest good.

3) Are undergoing transformations and simply can use my intuitive gifts of transformation and support.

Here is a video from the first chapter of my upcoming book that will share with you the path to being a Creative Goddess through knowing your GHS.

If you would like to know how to take this information further and apply it directly to your life to receive miracles, I am offering this special opportunity.

What you get:

1) My undivided attention and unique gift of connecting to your soul.

2) My co-collaboration with your inner power to create your shift into your infinite potential rise up to the next level for any dream or goal you want to achieve.

3) 4 sessions valued at 650 dollars for the price of one plus mini emails!

CLICK ON THIS LINK to purchase your package and for more info to be one of the 5 people I am excited to bring into my private practise!


Lots of Love, Light and GHS,


http://www.lisapetruccimusic.comIMG_1281 Questions?

Email: lisa@lisapetruccimusic.com

Call (+39)334 5819439

“Lisa is wonderful.  She has a bright, positive and infectious energy. I love to coach with her about my music career and my life because of her unique and clear perspective.  She’s intuitive and insightful and always helps me see those things I can’t see myself!” AOIFE O’LEARY| SINGER-SONGWRITER |DUBLIN, IRELAND.


Follow your Purpose Passionate LUV people!

Hi Luv Readers,

I just want to say how grateful I am for your ongoing enthusiasm for the creative material I’m putting out and allowing the community to expand.

It is my intention for all like-minded artists healers, teachers, creative entrepreneurs and kindred spirits to get informed, educated and ignited to live your true purpose, live in your diamond lane and especially be moved to love life by grooving to the music I create!

My Facebook page is FULL of ongoing resources, tips, comments, ma MUSIC and bubbling beautiful inspiring photos and message to share to keep your creative fire and desire for life ignited- so that your beauty and radiance is always brimming to the surface!

Please come join me: http://www.facebook.com/lisapetruccimusic and like the page if you haven’t already… Get on it!

If you haven’t already, come visit my new website also loaded with videos and blog posts, pictures and ongoing support to live your passion and purpose.


See you there on the yellow brick road or be a toad 🙂 Kiss!



The feminine is about receiving wisdom, guidance and flowing from its abundant source. How do you find greater flow in your life?


We did it thanks to YOU!

We did it! The show will go and the mastering finished! After a month of sharing my music

I am happy to announce the success of my Kickstarter and how grateful I am.

Thankyou everyone for supporting and generating a huge wave of inspiration !

The more we give and receive from one another, the more life is generated and created

amongst us! Let’s get creative with one another and make our dreams come true together!Life is a dream and it’s up to us what kind of dream we are dreaming!

lets get out our paper, pens and unicorns and make a magical will of divinity!

so much more fun done together!!!

Merry merry Christmas,

cheers to our highest potential,

love you lots and always,



Kickstarter Gratitude

Hey everybody! I am so grateful for my Kickstarter ride and the people who are supporting me with their big hearts. I have my amazing family stepping forward to support and also people I barely know. How amazing it feels to know that there are people who really am inspired and excited by my work, and I am so grateful! So Thankyou everyone! We have $1,891pledged , 18% funded by 12 backers
and 20 days to go!

I am so excited that my band has also come together in this past few weeks! They are all so talented and sweet!
Amazing human beings and exceptional musicians! I am a lucky gal to be working with such a powerful and sensitive squad 🙂

I love making music!

Here is the Video from our first Live Sessions in Tuscany!

Enjoy! Support the Kickstarter, it can only be done with your help!

The link to back me through one of my super rewards: http://www.kck.st/1gBOrc1