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This is a book about creation. It is about rediscovering yourself, your inner GHS: Goddess Holy Spirit. What the bleep is my GHS you may be asking! It is a term I coined to describe this holy divine guidance that always offers us direct connection with our creator. Throughout this book I will guide you step by step into merging with the infinite power of this holy relationship that will give you the power of creation to give new life. It is this easy if you let it.

The feminine is about receiving wisdom from her GHS, guidance and flowing from its abundant source. In order to flow from our source we will have to connect our great mind deep down into our river bed of our wombs and put seeds into our fertile soil. The mind has created great innovations, technology and advancements in society but it has also mislead us to forget our other half of the powerful acts of Mother Nature and how the divine brings power, creation and wealth into the world. I want you to remember your powerful, natural resource as a woman and give yourself a chance to live its great beauty and abundant fruits.

This is a book about changing your preconceptions of yourself entirely. We are changing your world from the inside out. You will be guided inwards to access your greatest power to manifest anything your soul desires, which is ALWAYS your highest good. This is a book about the total healing act that frees you to be all you can be reminding you of who you are and illuminating the path towards getting what you want. You will be guided through a courageous shift towards everyday miracles. We will activate an eternal willingness to forgive and free your infinite, creative spirit to make your life flower like the most exquisite garden. It’s in you to create good and to realize your ideal life by your own terms and nothing less. Queen Goddess, you are the ultimate power and now let’s find which way to move you across this chess board adventure called your life.

It’s easy, no time to waste, let’s go! I’ll show you! May the spirit of Goddess awaken your soul.

The Queen in me bows to the Queen in you.

 Act 1: Love and The Seed

There is an inherent movement in nature towards the fulfilment of life’s highest potential. The seed of a rose is destined to become a rose without any doing on the rose’s part. The seed has an innate biological function, turning into the rose. We have the same inherent drive in us to nurture all sorts of seeds into becoming beautiful gardens, if we allow them. You see, we are the only thing that can stop ourselves.

Our soul’s dreams are like seeds in nature: wild, abundant and capable of generating a flourishing of life wherever they are expressed. Not only do they create the plants we need to be nourished by, they also create the beauty we need to feel happy. Like the seeds need sun and water, the seeds of our dreams need our deep care and commitment to them. Our seeds are the dreams that we desire to experience, the inspiring and nourishing relationships that we desire to share, the love that we desire to give, the fruitfull life we desire to create.

The Key: The 2 You and Practising Oneness

The first secret key of this book is turned right here by knowing this. There are two of you: the little you and the big you. The little you is the part that reacts to the world through its five senses of taste, touch, smell, sight and sound. The big you however is the part of you that is your soul connected to God, everyone and everything. This is the true you: the energy that has created worlds. There is only ONE source for everything you desire and you are a part of this ONE Source! Everything we seek to experience through the small you comes truly from being connected, from practising ONENESS with Source, God, Pure Love, ie the big you. Our GHS, the Goddess Holy Spirit guides us to living as the big you as we expand our consciousness.   Source, the one energy that has created everything in the universe, call it quantum field, divine love, God, source, Goddess call it whatever you want but it all expresses the same truth. It is all expressing the ONE energy that has created everything in the universe and is the same energy that is inside of you.   You are ALREADY love, power, prosperity, joy, perfect health, freedom. God is everything good and God made you, therefore so are you.  Your soul has come here to create and expand by remembering who you truly are.  Any illusion of lack, scarcity, hardship, not enoughness, ugliness, restriction, simply comes from a false lie you told yourself as the small you believing in your limited five senses and not aware of your divine connection to this one infinite source of all your desires, needs, longings and dreams.


Everything you think you need from the outside world comes from the illusion that you think you don’t have it. The truth is, you have all of the creative material inside you that is Source energy and you must bring it out into the world by choosing to remember that it is in YOU. You can only materialize into the world what you already are and have. Therefore by remembering that the source of all your needs and desires is inside you, you begin to expand your truth and slowly the outside world begins to reflect your inner awareness. This can take some practice. It’s easy to forget that you’re not the little you when you have something happen on the outside that keeps you focused on problems, hardship and not your truth.

Action Step: Affirmations


Affirm that “I am willing to remember, experience, feel and return to the highest truth of who I am under all conditions”.


“I am willing to know my ONENESS with the Source of all my dreams and desires. I am willing to practise being ONE with my Source.”


“I am loved and taken care of under all conditions”.


Stating these affirmations will allow you to relate to the world from the big you even when the small you is trying to control, fix or change things from its limited power of its five senses. Your little you has no control because it is part of the final phase of creation.  All of the outside world reflects your inner consciousness, the true creative power.   As you return to the big you, your soul takes the reigns and brings you back on your path guided by your GHS.

As your GHS returns your consciousness to you, you remember you are already all what you seek. As you begin to focus on being one with all that you desire, you begin to manifest it on the outside.  Why? Because where your attention goes, energy flows.  As your GHS returns your awareness the to Source of all creation, you expand into the experience of being, living, having all that comes from your highest self. Your highest self is one with everything you desire and need; happiness, love, personal power, prosperity, health, wealth, abundance, beauty, friendship, purpose and meaning flows from your connection to its Source because there is only one source.  And it is in you. Your awareness of it allows it to come into this world. If not, it remains there as a potentiality but un-manifested until you bring into form.  As you focus on your highest truth, your focus and connection begins to expand and create your reality.  I learned this powerful key into getting my music signed and celebrated around the world. I used it to be recognized and payed for what I love to do. Practise the energy of oneness with all the positive feelings connecting with our Source,  and God begins to manifest and form what energy you are focusing on into whatever you dream of being, experiencing and having.

Saying Yes to your Highest Self and Focus on the What:

The Queen’s Garden

Although the seeds in the garden will grow into roses, they require at times hard work to keep them on track. Dead leaves must be clipped, weeds must be plucked. Daily attention must be given to them. Attention is love. Positive energy flowing towards their growth. Positive intention that they become roses. When we get distracted from what we are growing, or if we feel doubt about our abilities to give care and commitment, we may begin to feel a struggle. This is also part of the journey. Struggling happens when we are frustrated and under the illusion that nothing is going our way. Struggling happens when the small you is not letting go and expanding into the big you. We are not meant to struggle, instead to overcome challenges and grow. Remember, struggles deplete us- challenges feed us. Remember also that the big you is the gateway to your expansion and consequently the manifestation of your desires.  The way out of struggle is to remember to say yes to your highest self, to the soul that already knows how it is all going to go and your GHS ready to guide you when you open up to it. As they say “let go, and let god.” We just have to let go of our need to control the when, where, how and simply focus on the what.  Just like the seed has an inherent plan for its blossoming, so do we. How could we be any less ordained than nature? How could it be that we would be separate from this natural act of creation? The answer is simple and profound: we could say no.


We could Say No:


We say no by not being in accordance with your seed becoming a rose. We say things like, “I’m not a rose. I’m not even a buttercup. I’m plain, ordinary and at worst ugly and good for nothing”. This is where creation gets confused. We human beings have an extraordinary power that the rose does not have; we choose our seeds. We choose by what we focus on. Where attention goes, energy flows. We get to say what to grow in this garden, in this life time. We have an astonishing power through the use of our imagination and our ability of focused thought to create anything that we can imagine, feel and focus on. The key to remember is this: what you focus on grows. If you want to expand and become your highest truth, you must focus on that. Focus on the awareness that you already have all the exquisite aspects of Source energy and that begins to expand within you. You plant inside yourself an awareness of who you truly believe you are and slowly your soul takes the reigns and begins to work its magic in your life.


Action Step: Choose Your Awareness


You choose your seeds by choosing your awareness. You choose what your going to grow, create, manifest by saying yes to what divine inspiration chooses you! Our seed chooses us by calling us towards it. We are called to it by feeling what makes us come alive, excited, inspired, passionate and peaceful.


Ask yourself: What makes my heart quiver and our legs shake at the idea of doing, being or having. Why?


Write about it.  What feelings arise? Write them down. On the next exercises we’ll get deeper into the importance of realizing the natural positive feelings that are in us when we relate to the world connected to our soul…



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