Manifestation Ninja Turtle

Hey Love,   I am manifesting and expanding my creative powers!  Truthfully, I am only focusing on what is already here, in my imagination, the 5th dimension, feeling it inside my body, and my awareness of it allows me to see it and experience it in this 3rd dimension. Truer, because the one, the only, […]

here now

happy solstice birthing;  longest day uv the year; a strange beautiful week;  accents of italian opera; tickets to la traviata;  gorgeous soprano voices cleaning my ear drums; mopping; swaying back and forth on the seat at teatro communale; cleaning from the inside;  guitar lessons, voice lessons, feldenkrais creations and baptizing myself inside out. italians have […]

HERE SHE COMES, look at her GO!

woman is mother earth in all her abundance.  i believe this is to be known and experienced on an internal spacial conciousness. INSIDE of her is where all the rich, fertile soil is waiting to be sifted and gived the seeds of her wild imagination where her soul speaks to her giving her clear indications […]