I am so excited to announce that I am chosen for Jenny Fenig’s generous contribution to the excellence and growth of women’s leadership and fulfillment of their highest most meaningful work in the world: a scholarship into her 8 week program “Live your Dream Challenge” ! Check it out here : http://jennyfenig.com/2013/06/03/and-the-winners-are/ Wow! Cool hey!Thankyou, […]

We Fulfill our Destiny in Evolutionary Partnerships

We all have gifts and talents that the world is asking to be born in huge, impacting ways- evolutionary ways- that allow for the greater flourishing of life on the planet! U are that important! But most of us don’t have the support to fully realize these gifts to bring them out of us. Sometimes […]

ded aroma uv la vender

sweet friend, sweet teapot, boiling water at the base uv ur spine, to taste the honey.  what is hot becomes steam or smoke, she says.   one chokes and flattens while the other removes impurities to taste a deep orange miele over a cup uv tea; allows distilled aroma uv lavender to penetrate the air; boils lemons to breathe a soft yellow.  moves […]