Deeper levels of LUV listening

I am aware and grateful that life is constantly showing me the innate goodness and connectivity of all that is. as i surrender into the blending of my wisdom, courage and lisa LUV, and respond to my inner calling to return myself the the feminine divine wisdom -i am realizing the global impulse occurring inside […]

here now

happy solstice birthing;  longest day uv the year; a strange beautiful week;  accents of italian opera; tickets to la traviata;  gorgeous soprano voices cleaning my ear drums; mopping; swaying back and forth on the seat at teatro communale; cleaning from the inside;  guitar lessons, voice lessons, feldenkrais creations and baptizing myself inside out. italians have […]

to be is NOW

“jam tomorow, jam yesterday but never never jam today!” i remember this song in one of my favorite childhood ( and still today) films, the original “alice in wonderland”. poor alice arrives to recieve her jam and she is told to come tomorow, not today…. this is the mind.  it projects into the future, it […]