Sweet Michelle: shawn clark photography

allow your spirit to move through what you do and give to the world.

i am showcasing different artists from around the world are doing this: souls who have a deep sense of aesthetic harmony and originality, a message of care and luv.

i propose a question : what moves you to create?

the first artist here has a very deep and sorrow-ful yet inspiring response.  here is shawn clark who is graciously allowing me to share his few words on his piece of photography which captures a moment in time where the infinite is given to us through flight:

Sweet Michelle

So, my first love committed suicide in October and a ceremony was held on a cliff in San francisco.  I went back a few days later and was fortunate to capture this beautiful Hawk flying circles above me.  I just know Michelle’s spirit was with her.  She’s always loved Hawks and had a strong love for our native american traditions.  Such a sad loss, but such a beautiful soul who lives on 🙂

Shawn Clark
(415) 225-9801
Thanks Shawn for sharing such a personal and powerful piece of work that is a reminder of the infinite in moments of sorrow there is grace and how art and life are always in communication 🙂

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